Saturday, January 10, 2009

Choose Life!

You will live by your sword, and you will serve your

But when you decide to break free, you will shake his yoke
from your neck. (Genesis 27:40)

Esau‘s father could hear the bitterness, the anger and even hatred that had taken hold of his son’s life.

Like must parents, who are concerned with their children's future, Isaac was warning him of the danger to such emotions. Esau's life would become a prison, if he was to hold on to the unforgiveness that was rooted in his heart.

Someday, Esau would have to “decide” if he was going to break free from the yoke that was placed around his neck because of the unforgiveness towards his brother, Jacob.

One thing keeps coming up through studying God’s Word and that is “it’s our choice.” It’s our choice to live a life of fullness in the Presence of God or to hide in the darkness of the enemy.

What is your choice?

I choose Life!



LisaShaw said...


We are in one accord in the Spirit of the Lord. I was just writing some notes on CHOOSING LIFE as the Holy Spirit ministers to my heart.

I CHOOSE LIFE! I pray every one will choose life in all decisions we may face.

Love you.

jcdisciple said...

So few words...and so much wisdom. This has definitely been a life lesson for me this past year. I was living and dying by a sword in a prison of my own making, but once the Father opened my eyes to chains and prison walls around me, He shattered them. I now live willflly chained to HIM as his bondservant and I am free!!


God bless you,


Sherri Watt said...

I too choose life! Life in freedom from the bondage through surrender to the spirit!

Thanks for the reminder.

God Bless!

Lori said...

I choose life too!

Stop over at my blog. There is an award waiting for you!

Love ya!

mom interceding said...

Happy new year, Tammy. I haven't been on-line as much lately and I'm now playing catch-up. Love your new look.
I choose life! I'm so thankful that we have a choice to live in His presence. Acts 2:28 "You will make me full of joy in Your presence." It goes with your anchor verse from Jan.3rd. That is a great idea too. Love and prayers, Carolyn

Debra said...


I stand with the Lord and choose life! Loved this post, my sister!

Blessings to you!

Darlene said...

Great post!!
Me too, sweet sister in Christ. I choose Life. Him.

Laura said...

I love the story of Jacob and Esau. I just think it has so much to teach. I love this lesson, Tammy! I want to choose life too.

Chatty Kelly said...

I pray that I can follow God and make the right decisions each day.

ktwalden said...

I choose life and pray each member of my family will heed the spirit and come out of the darkness into the light! A wonderful post with a great message.....

Jody said...

I choose Life too!!

Van said...

Great question - My choice - to submit to God's will for my life. HE knows best. Specifially, He yearns for us to Know Him - my New Year's Resolution. So I am spending lots of time with Jesus this year - am reading through the gospels a chapter each day.

Edie said...

Choosing Life with ya girl! Sometimes we allow bitterness to sprout without even realizing it. I know I need to keep watch over myself to keep this from happening.

12 inches of snow!? Uck! I don't think I could live where it snows very well. Hope it dries up soon!

Anonymous said...

I am having a Joyous time reading everyone's post today. It seems as though God is speaking to me through each and every post I read. I am struggling with not smoking and feeling guilty when I give in...I will now pray with a new have strength to Break free from this addiction.

I want to choose LIFE too!!!

sahala napitupulu said...

What amazing! From a Christian blogger Jakarta, Indonesia, I send my comment : I choose life ! Because Yesus is Life ! I am happy to have found your blog madame Tammy, blessing it was to read.

Keep on fire from the holy spirit.

Shanita Waters said...

Hi Tammy!

Great post and I love the new look. I really have to get a blog makeover myself. I'm trying to learn how to do it. I really like the boxes surrounding the comments.

I chose life as well. We can chose to believe and trust in God or we can believe something less than God. When I think of how much I am forgiven for, I can't help but to have mercy towards others.


Sharon said...

What a great post! I need this today! Thank you! I popped over from Jan at Bold and Free. Please stop by my blog for a visit some time!

Hugs, Sharon