Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Meeting

To follow this story start with post: My Secret Sin 5/8/08

Well, it had been about two years since my bible study on Forgiven and Set Free. Things once again started to spin out of control, my husband and I decided to give our marriage one last ray of hope. We meet with a pastor that someone said could help us. My husband and I had already been to about 4 or 5 worldly counselors and they were as mixed-up as we were.We figured going to a pastor that he would have the answers to why this marriage wasn't working and if he didn't this marriage was over.

During that meeting, God spoke to my heart to trust Him and if I was willing, He would do the rest. I have to be honest I was scared, in my mind the big "what ifs" were floating around. Let's face it, I hadn't trusted Him up to this point in my life. If you looked at my history you would see that I had one failed marriage,another one about to fail and don't forget the abortion.
Then a thought came to me, could it be just that,I have never trusted Him?

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Dawn Ward said...

Tammy, how very brave of you to share your story. Bless you for doing so!

My sweet sister in Christ, I, too, had an abortion. Next month will be 17 years.

It was 12 very long, agonizing, shame-filled years before I allowed God to heal me from my abortion, but praise His Holy Name, He has done just that. He has not yet given me leave to share my story on my blog, but I will be doing that as soon as He gives me the go ahead.

He is, however, calling me to minister to other women in this area. I am hoping to facilitate an abortion recovery Bible study through my church in the fall. I believe there is such a desperate need for it. I think the church doesn't really even have an idea of just how much need there truly is for ministry in this area.

Bless you for helping women to find the healing you have found. That is what God wants for us all. It is the reason Jesus died.

Love and Blessings,