Monday, January 13, 2014

Running to His Mercy Seat...

Her testimony led me to His Mercy seat...
She spoke with no shame. Her voice was calm as she made this confession… “I’ve had an abortion, and not one but four. I’m no longer ashamed. I’m forgiven and Jesus Christ changed my life.”

She stood there with confidence, as she continued on with her testimony behind the pulpit at my church over 10 years ago. It was her story I needed to hear, yet the voice in my head was shouting… “you must never let anyone know what happened on November 12, 1989, for if you do, you’ll be known as a “murder!” But then there was this other voice… softer, sweeter, tugging at my heart proclaiming “if you confess THIS secret and BELIEVE you are forgiven… ALL will be new again.”

It seemed like a lifetime ago, when words of confession flowed from this woman's mouth, it was living water to me. I’m thankful that our pastor gave her a platform to share the Truth of God, His Forgiveness and Grace to those of us who were running from the Mercy seat because of our abortion(s).

I’ve come a long way since that day… the day when the enemy tried to keep my “secret sin” a secret. Today, I proclaim God’s mercy toward my abortion with no shame and living in His forgiveness. God has given me many opportunities since then to share my story (God’s Story) and to help other women find healing on the road to His forgiveness.

On Sunday, January 19, 2014 we will have an opportunity to speak out for the Sanctity of Human Life. I believe God wants us to speak the truth. His truth can be spoken with compassion and conviction. Jesus did…with the woman at the well. On Sanctity of Human Life Sunday some churches will do all they can to bring awareness of how abortion has and is affecting us in our churches, communities and our country. While others will skim the surface hoping not to bring to much attention to a very controversial and political issue and I’m sad to say, there will even be churches that won’t mention “it” at all.

Revelation 12:11 (NIV) They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony;