Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sanctitiy of Human Life...will your pastor be talking

Every week I have the opportunity to meet with women who might be facing an unplanned pregnancy. Let me be honest, it isn’t easy sitting across from a young lady who has already voiced that if she is pregnant, she will be getting an abortion. It seems to be an easy solution in a moment of uncertainty, not realize the destruction that will take place. As I sit across from her, this one thought keeps coming to me; if I can only connect with her then maybe she’ll change her mind. She doesn’t know that I’m praying, asking God to give me an opening so that I can share my story (God’s Story) with her.

As I think back on the day that I went to the clinic, the only life I saw was my own. I wanted to live. I had things to do, and people to see, just like her. My career has a dance teacher was growing and I wasn’t about to let anyone or anything get in my way. It was my life I wanted to save. It sounds pretty callous, but it always is when we look at ourselves. The abortion, I was told, promised to give me freedom but instead it held me captive. The nurse called it a procedure, as if I were having a mole removed.

We both sat there, making small talk, as she was waiting for the results. Within minutes the answer was clear. The test showed two lines, the test was positive. The room filled with a sort of awkwardness, as we both stared at the lines. That’s when I felt the familiar lump in my throat, and asks “How are you feeling?” The minute that rolled off my tongue I thought, “How are you feeling? You know exactly how she’s feeling. She is scared, confused and she has to make a decision on which life to save.”

Which life to save…. in the last 38 years every child that’s been born is a survivor. Every child that we see on the playground, in the mall or holding hands with a parent has been giving the opportunity to experience life. I know for some of you, abortion never crossed your mind but the fact is 50,000,000 babies have lost their lives to this question “Which life do I save?”

On January 22, we have an opportunity to speak out for the Sanctity of Human Life. I believe God wants us to speak the truth. The truth can be spoken with compassion and conviction. Jesus did, with the woman at the well. On Sunday, some churches will do all they can to bring awareness of how abortion has and is affecting us, while others will skim the surface hoping not to bring to much attention to a very controversial issue and I’m sad to say, there will even be churches that won’t mention “it” at all.