Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prodigal Son

My son, Ryan, came over last night for a visit and had supper with us.

During our conversation, he started to talked about his struggles and how life has been unfair. As I sat there listening, I saw the pain in his eyes and the anger that's invaded his heart.

He was raised knowing God and received Christ into his life at the age of 19 but has since, chosen to live his way. He is broken. I fear his heart is slowly turning to stone.

My son needs...God. I know we all have busy lives but if God places his name on your heart...would you send up a prayer?


Bonnie said...

I'm on it right now!


Vikki said...

absolutely. i am a prodigal, now home. my husband is also a prodigal, now just home but brining others home too.

never give up HOPE. never stop PRAYING. never stop LOVING him no matter how hard he may try to push you away.

Darlene said...

I just prayed dear one. Oh, how I wish I could just stamp that love of God into my sons! But, in God's way, he is personal. He wants your son His way, for Himself. Sigh. As a mommy, this makes me feel like I can't breathe. I want soooo much for my boys...

Know that I have just prayed for your son.


Anonymous said...


I will pray for your son--will your please pray for mine???

I posted last night about a school issue with my 16 year old. I have a really "heavy heart" for him right now as it sounds as you do for your son also. The tears are coming easily and I MUST hand it over to God for guidance because I just do not know what to do.

He is beyond frustrated into anger towards this teacher. He beats his puching bag until his knuckles bleed. She (the teacher) is very demeaning to about 6 students in the class who are struggling. Accusing them of being lazy and not trying hard enough. He doesn't want me to get involved-he believes it will make his classroom time more difficult.

Please pray for him-his name is Jordan. And your son has been added to my prayers as well.


Chatty Kelly said...

Tammy - we've all walked in the prodigal's shoes. At least I know I have! But I found my way, and I pray your son does too. It is so exciting when our heavenly father runs out to greet us when we head toward him. Amen.

Lelia Chealey said...

You know I will join you Tammy!! Keep us posted.

mom interceding said...

Tammy, I am praying with you for Ryan. I know the pain that your heart is feeling, but more important, God knows.
Let us pray together from Psalm 51..."Create in Ryan a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within him. Do not cast him away from Your presence, and do not take Your Holy Spirit from him. Restore to Ryan the joy of Your salvation, and uphold him with Your generous Spirit."

Jennifer said...

Oh, Tammy....I am praying right now and will continue to pray for Ryan. I will call his name out before the Lord every time that I call out my own son's name...Brandon. He is so far out of the will of God and is living a life that hurts me deeply.

If you ever want to email me and we can share with each other our love, prayers and concerns about our sons...please email me at

The things that are going on in his life is not something that I will discuss on my blog...well, not until he returns to the Lord and then I will share his story.

Be encouraged my friend, we serve a Big God...where nothing is impossible and no one is out of His reach.

Check out the video that Carolyn at Moms United In Prayer posted at it is so powerful.

Also, she and a group of ladies meet each week to intercede for lost children and loved ones. They have been praying for Brandon now for several months. She is a very special lady. Please visit her site and let them pray also for Ryan.

Our hope is in Jesus Christ where Satan is already defeated...the battle has already been won through the Blood of Jesus.

Truth4thejourney said...

I've sent up a prayer for your son's salvation, that his heart will return to God.

Be blessed, and remember, with God, all things are possible!

Edie said...

Hi Tammy, I have prayed for Ryan and put him on the list I keep next to my computer to remind me to pray for my bloggy friends' needs.

It sounds like God might be working on his heart through his current circumstances.

Psalm 27:14

Dawn Ward said...

Just sent up a prayer on his behalf and will continue to do so, my friend. Do not lose hope. All things are possible with our God.

Sheryl said...

i have asked God to bring ryan to my mind so that i can pray. as a former prodigal i know the power of other's prayers.


Anonymous said...

still praying for Ryan...

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Tammy..
I'm so glad the Lord lead me here because we seem to want the same prayers for our children. In my case it's my daughter, who also was raised in church. At age 18 she has wandered away from the Lord. I wrote a letter to her on my blog, the post title is called: "A Letter To My Daughter." I know she loves the Lord, yet I know she is having a hard time dealing with some issues of her past. my husband and I continue to pray for her, love her even more, and leave her in God's hands. We may leave him, but he never leaves us.Prayers for your son and please keep my daughter in your prayers as well.

Blessings Lorie

Anonymous said...


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


**I prayed for Ryan again last night--God is working, I know it!

Lisa asks please leave your comment said...

Heavenly Father,

We cry out for Ryan and all of our teen, young adult and adult children who are struggling, in fear, confusion, unsure and in pain. We pray for them to come to know the love of GOD that we poured into them in their youth and continue to do so. We pray in Jesus Name for them to know YOUR LOVE FATHER through JESUS CHRIST. We pray for their hearts to be open and humbled before You -- for them to turn to You with their questions and concerns and to find the wisdom, guidance and peace that You provide to all of us as your children.

We pray for all of our children to make wise and Christ-centered decisions in all areas of their lives and while some of them may be on the 'run'-- running from what they may not know and running to what they may not know but while they run, stray or waver, Father we know that Your eye is upon them and Your goodness and mercy is following them and we THANK YOU FATHER. We thank You that You love them EVEN more than we could possibly love them and we love them SO MUCH!

We pray for those of our children to run right into Your arms at the end of their struggle. We thank You for keeping them and not permitting any harm to come to them while they find their way and let their way be found in YOU.

Thank You Father for many of us strayed at some point and many of us didn't live in obedience to You even when we knew better so we ask for Your continued mercy on all of our children and on all of us for we love You and we seek to do Your will and to always bring glory and honor to Your life.

Help all of us to speak the words of healing and wholeness to ALL children (young and adult) and show them that Christ is alive in us and can be alive in them as well.

Thank You Father for the blessing and privilege of being able to lift up Ryan and all of our children in Jesus Name. We love You Father God. Amen!

**Thank you for the opportunity to pray with all of you for Ryan and all children.

Connie said...

So glad you stopped by my blog. I prayed for Ryan and will continue to pray. Stay faithful and love your son when you see him even when it's hard. Connie

Tiffany Stuart said...

I too was a prodigal. God hears our prayers. May Ryan find the Prince of Peace!

Alene said...

I have put your son on my prayer list. He is being prayed for. Now we wait expectantly and with anticipation as Psalm 5:3 tells us. Prayers for you too, my friend!

HOPE said...

Tammy... I found you by way of Lorie at Encouragement From Mine Heart...

I also have a daughter made a profession at a young caught up in the worlds attractions and growing cold. I will remember you son.

I also had a Prodigal recently saved a year ago. Dramatic change and thankful heart for the upbringing in a Christian Home that led him back to the OLD PATHS wherein is the good way! AMEN.

My Pastor preached a message once on the Prodigal's PARENTS! wonderful message on being faithful at home, waiting patiently and letting the LORD do the work in their hearts. During the account of the Prodigal..there were no cell phones, letters, calls etc. No contact. Just faith, prayer and patience.

God bless..