Saturday, October 11, 2008

What's your deSign?

This week over at Edie’s blog, her Random Question is ‘What is your deSign?’

I always enjoyed being center of attention, which I’m sure if you are a regular visitor, you know that by now. I guess it’s why my parents decided to put me in to dance lessons at the age of 5. But it wasn’t until many years later,it was discovered that acting ran through my blood.
I entered many competitions during my dancing career and did alright,but it wasn’t until I was teenager when I lip-synced to Liza Minnelli's song...Life's a Cabaret. At that moment I was hooked!

In the year of 1993 I surrender my life completely to Christ and closed down my dance studio because I couldn’t serve two gods. Even though my life was being filled with other wonderful things I still missed the stage. In my prayers, I would ask God to use me for His purpose and He did. He opened the door to let me use the gift of acting. A gift He purposely gave me the moment I was placed in my mother’s womb.
I now participate in our church plays and travel to other churches portraying the women of the Bible…my favorite is the Woman at the Well. I love how God has deSign each and every one of us so differently yet the same…to honor Him


Edie said...

I loved reading this Tammy! I'm just smiling from ear to ear. It's so awesome to watch someone truely embrace who God created them to be. I didn't know you were an actress. You will HAVE to post some pictures for us to enjoy ... or maybe a video snippett(?)... hmmmm?

Chatty Kelly said...

Loved it. Tammy, I too would love to see pictures, so you'll have to post one some time.

Bonnie said...

I do too! We all have so much to offer. Thank you for your response to my comment this morning. I will follow your blog regularly.


My ADHD Me said...

Wow. You gave up one dream for another one. Because of God you got to continue your first dream while pursueing your next.

P.S.I'm also wanting to see those pictures!

The Patterson 5 said...

I think a video snippet would also be wonderful! Nice to meet you! I will come back to read some more!

Carol said...

Tammy, thank you for your loving comment on my bolg.

I remember reading about your dancing. So good to hear how you've been able to use that God to share your fait.

I'm with the others pics would be cool.


Carol said...

Oh yeah Tammy! I tagged you on my blog if you want to come and play. Just a bit of fun.


Tammy R said...

Thank you ladies,for you eagerness to see some pics or video.

I'm still learning my way around this blogging. So, as soon as I figure it out I'll give it a try.