Friday, October 31, 2008


We all have made choices in our lives that have changed us. On November 4,2008 we will be given another choice...please pray for God's will to be done.

During my blog visits today,I stopped by Tea with Tiffany. She has written a letter that will stir your heart. Please visit if you have time.


Tiffany Stuart said...

Thank you for linking to my blog. I'm in serious prayer over our nation's future. Fighting for lives...

Appreciate you joining with me as a voice of HOPE!

Keep writing and sharing truth and His love!

Chatty Kelly said...

Thanks for sending me over. Her letter was awesome.

Bonnie said...

Thank you for sharing. Tiffany sounds like another amazing sister in Christ. I can't tell you how good it does my heart to observe how our Lord so stretegically leads us to specific blogs. It's a joy to connect with other like- minded women around the world. Have a beautiful weekend.