Friday, May 1, 2009

Because of God

Every time when I sit across from a woman who is broken and a shamed…I’m reminded.

Every time when I watch the tears flow from her eyes, I know she’s finally stopped trying to forgive herself and has embraced God’s forgiveness…I’m reminded.

Every time when I watch another woman walk away after weeks of uncovering her secret sin, I know that God has a special plan for her…I’m reminded.

If you are visiting from Christian Women Online...“Welcome and please look around.”

I am honored and humbled to be able to share my story, God’s Story, with the world.

You may be surprised by my transparency but I assure it's not to shock anyone. I've often wondered what “choice” I would have made, if my friend, who I drove to the abortion clinic, had share her experience with me. I tried not to think about what had just happened as we drove away from the clinic. Under the circumstances, I told her, it was the best decision for everyone and started to talk about my wedding plans. Oh, how self-centered of me, I pray that someday I can tell her how sorry I am for avoiding her pain and loss.

So, you see, I’m not afraid to being reminded of where I came from or who I once was because it causes me to testify of the Goodness of God. To be afraid would only paralyze me and that would bring delight to the enemy.



Beth in NC said...

I didn't drive someone, but I did advise her to get one (when I was around 19 or 20). I feel horrible about it! I didn't know the truth then. Now she is in her 30's and her husband suddenly died a few years ago. Now she is a widow with no children.

You aren't alone in this, that's for sure.

Warren Baldwin said...

This is a powerful statement you made: "Every time when I watch the tears flow from her eyes, I know she’s finally stopped trying to forgive herself and has embraced God’s forgiveness…"

I haven't thought about it like this before, and this applies to any bad decision, doesn't it? Trying to forgive ourselves is an act of futile desperation; accepting God's forgiveness is life, and only after accepting his forgiveness can we forgive ourselves.

Karen said...

Congratulations on being named CWO blog of the month! I am always blessed by your writings and know others are touched, too.

God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

Tammy, did you get my previous comment? I was telling you how wonderful I think your site is and that I do beleive God has a mighty plan for you!! You put in such hard work, heart, and soul into what you testify about.

I love your blog. Again, though I've said it many times; Congratulations on being CWO's May Blog of the Month. Your blog was the perfect fit!!!

In Him through it all,

Edie said...

Hi Tammy! Congratulations on being named CWO blog of the month! I knew about it early on and couldn't say anything. It was so hard and I was so excited for you. You certainly deserve it!

Much love!

Stacey said...

God bless you Tammy.

There are just no other words. I love how our amazing Lord works.

A big virtual hug to you!


Pam said...

Thanks Tammy, you are a blessing to so many, and have helped me to knowit is ok to open up. What a blessing you must be to those women also. God bless you, friend.

Jody said...

Congratulations on being blog of the month for CWO. I'm reminded of God's grace and mercy everyday. God Bless.

Billy Coffey said...

I agree with Sarah. You have a wonderful blog, and God does have wonderful things in store for you. Your transparency and your faith both inspire me.

Alene said...

Hey girl, stopping by to send blessings. I have a friend who drove a couple of her friends to get abortions years ago. To this day that experience of helping others go through with it still haunts her. Of course, her life has changed and she wishes she would have been bold enough back then to speak out. You keep speaking girl! The world and our friends need your message. Love you!

Alene said...

Tammy - the video is absolutely awesome. Your hubby did an amazing job. I applaud you and the others gals for being authentic and transparent to help others. Praise God!

Bonita said...

Tammy, I'm not here from CWO, but I've looked around your blog and I just want you to know what a powerful ministry you have here. I've never had an abortion, yet as I read the posts, I was ministered to over and over again. Thank you!