Thursday, February 14, 2013

His Plan!

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”    (Proverbs 19:21 NIV)

This wasn't a unfamiliar place to me, but this time it was different. The stage was simple, there was no elaborate backdrop. The music playing was filled with words of praise. The hands of the audience were lifted high in full surrender to the All Mighty God.

I too, had my palms facing toward heaven with thanksgiving, for the new life that He had given me. A life with no more shame. A life where now I was helping other women, just like me, find healing from the secret of abortion.

Standing there praising Him, I knew I was right where I belong, in the audience and not on the stage.

You see, during my adolescent years, I would perform my dance routines on this very stage. Twirling and moving around in a beautiful costume. Waiting to hear the thunder of applause fill the air and when the final curtain call came I would then take my bow. I would soak in sounds of praise for my great works and as the spotlight bounced off my face, my heart would begin to fill with a desire to carry out my plans for the want more of me.

The day finally came...there I stood behind that same curtain waiting to make my grand entrance, not as a dance student, but as Miss Tammy, the dance teacher. I longed to hear the crowd's approval. How I longed be exalted. I was beginning to arrange the colorful cobblestones on the path I had chosen.

Years have gone by since then and my plans have changed. Today, they are plans directed by God. So, there I stood with over 500 women from around the State of New York, who had traveled to our yearly Assemblies of God Conference.

It was on that day, God spoke these words to me: You are now exalting Me and no longer exalting yourself. And I believe... He said with a smile.





Everyday Dealings said...

Amen! More of Him, less of me!

Amanda G.
Melissa Taylor's OBS leader

Judi said...

...And it is a wonderful world to live in when we glorify Him instead of ourselves, isn't it? I have found my life much easier since I have lived it to honor Him, in place of me. Thanks for sharing! Judi

Lauren (OBS Small Group Leader) said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing!!!

christafowler said...

Great post! So honest and full of grace and faith. Thank you for sharing your heart! Love and blessings!

Christa F. :)

Rebecca Jo said...

I love this in so many ways... mainly because you are so right. So many are living in the shame & afraid to step forward speaking of abortion. But what a healing can come of that. God works in the light - not the dark. Praise Him for His healing work he does through you for others :)

Charolette Ragsdale said...

Great post, Tammy! So glad you can encourage other women who have been faced with abortion in their lives. I, for one, cannot stand getting up in front of a bunch of strangers and is one of my biggest fears. I managed to do it when I was in college, but never has been an easy thing for me. I give you alot of credit for speaking about such a serious topic in front of so many people. Thanks for sharing your story!

Jennifer said...

This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. May God continue to bless and keep you!

Jenifer Newsom
OBS Leadership Team said...

Standing in the audience and giving your a standing ovation!!! Awesome Tammy! Thank you for being you and sharing your story! God uses our mess and give us a message when we let Him.