Friday, April 3, 2009

Close to home...Binghamton

I'm not sure what I did to make this one big link,but you can click on it to read the article.

The world stopped for many in Binghamton, New York, I've lived in this small city for 21 years and when I was growing up,I was only about 25 minutes away.

At about 10:30 am, a man made the decision to walk into the American Civic Center in downtown Binghamton and opened fire on volunteers and workers. That act of violence killed fourteen and critically wounded four people.

Down the street about a block away, my daughter had her first experience in a lock down at the high school. When I heard that Binghamton High was locked down, I wasn't sure what this all meant except she was there and I was at home. For the first time,I was glad that Sydney had taken her cell phone to school. I have this thing about cell phones going to schools and churches. To me, its not the place to be texting when you should be listening. But today I was glad she had her phone. I might have to do some rethink on that rule, at least for school.

My daughter texted me a little after the first shootings had taken place to tell me she was fine. Later on, after several other messages, she said "and if something happens, I love you." Did I read that right? " "If something happens?!" At that moment my mother's words came back to me "Honey, give me a kiss good-bye because you never know." I'd think "What is she talking about, nothing going to happen." But she was right... you never know.

Everyday we get up and do what we do our lives. Yet again, we see through a tragedy, our lives need to be lived as if this is our last day. We need not worry about the things that might need to be done or what brings us worldly pleasure. We must get up every morning and say "God, I want to do the things that bring You Glory and Praise."

Yesterday, my daughter, called on the name of Jesus. I wonder...How many other did the same?



Anonymous said...

I remember a few times when my husband left for work, without telling me I lay in bed, half asleep...half awakened...I began to ponder on this and it scared me, that he had left for a day of unknown...without being told I loved him...I too Thanked God for cell phones that day...I had to call him to tell him...if only in a voice mail...

Love your honesty...always have admired your truth!
Tessa :)

Laura said...

I'm so glad your daughter was safe, Tammy. And what a blessing to know that she was aware of Jesus during that time.

And thinking of you.

LisaShaw said...

When I saw this on the news I prayed about the situation and thought of you because I knew you lived in that area. I thank God for the safety of your daughter. I had no idea her school was that close to the situation.

I so understand and agree with what you're saying. We just never know...and so we should LIVE as if we don't know and not take one day, one moment for granted.

When you spoke of calling on the name of Jesus it's so in line with the message I did yesterday on one of my blogs -- Just say the name of JESUS! That's all it takes. He's amazing.

Love you dear friend and God bless.

Marsha said...

Tammy, what a moving testimony! I too thought of you when I heard this yesterday on the news, wondering how close you may have been to all this.
I'm praying for the family and friends of all the victims. Such a sad event. This world needs Jesus!

Carol said...

Tammy, I'm so glad your daughter is safe. Such a tragedy, and when I hear those things I always think of the families, I can't imagine the fear. I also wonder how of those people know our Lord and Savior.

I'm so glad to know your daughter had the comfort of Jesus with her.

I hate when my husband goes out without trying to wake me, I always want him to hear I love you and I want to hear it from him. My daughter too. I tell her I love her constantly even when she just goes for a few hours to a friends.

So much sadness in our world, the world needs to know the love of our Lord.


Nancy said...

Praise God you daughter is safe. I can't imagine what went through your mind during this tragedy. I am glad she had Jesus to lean on.

Jody said...

I live just a hour north of Binghamton now. Today I'm in Iowa visiting family, so I didn't hear about this right away. Totally agree, with you do something today or even this moment that will bring glory to our great and glorious God.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the reminder through such a powerful testimony. Glad your daughter is safe. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Billy Coffey said...

This was so moving. Frightening, too. The world shrinks when tragedy like this hits so close to home, but the reminder is one we should always be mindful of: never let an "I love you" go unsaid, and never, ever, leave your home without prayer and angels.

Edie said...

Tammy I'm so glad your daughter is ok and nothing happened at her school. God is alive and active in our lives.

Love you!

Carolyn said...

Tammy, I join with the other comments, 'Thank God that your daughter was kept safe, and the incident made her realize how precious life is.'
God is so good.
Love, Carolyn

Jan Parrish said...

Since Columbine, I've seen the importance of cells for teens. I'm sure she was just as glad to be able to text you. Praise God she was safe.

Jennifer said...

Praise The Lord, Tammy for your safety and your daughters. It was another sad day in America when distraught people want to harm others because they are unhappy or angry. I am afraid this is just the beginning and will only get worse as the end of time draws nearer.

I allow my son to take his phone to school but it must remain on silent. I want to get in touch with him whenever I need him. I look at his phone record of text message from time to time and he knows if they are any to anyone other than me during school...his phone is now mine.

Thankful again for your family's safety. I was thinking about you on that day because I mailed your gift to you and knew that was where you lived.


Warren Baldwin said...

Sobering view of the truth you stated that we have today to glorify Jesus. Thanks for sharing this.

Tea With Tiffany said...

I remember a recent lockdown for my kids too. I hate that we have to even think about these things. I'm sorry for your scare and I'm thankful for the name of Jesus.



JMBMOMMY said...

Wow, I am so sorry for such a scary day. But I am with all the others--Praise God your daughter is safe. To call upon Jesus---it means everything!!!

Chatty Kelly said...

Tammy, this made my eyes well up. We cannot control the circumstances that our children encounter. Oh, how I wish we could! But God is in control, and we have to pray and hope that he will protect them we can't.

So glad your daughter was safe!



I'm a bit late with reading this - and though I don't watch TV - God always imforms me through a friend about these events [tragedies].

I praise God with you that your sweet daughter was safe and that she DID call out to Jesus that day!

As the end times draw closer - we will see, feel and hear more of this stuff - yet Christ tells us "remain faithful to the end" when it comes.

We are all kept in HIS HANDS each day!

Looking UPward and Choosing JOY,
[In Flight]

LisaShaw said...

Came back by to wish you and your family a blessed Resurrection Sunday! Love you dear friend.

Lelia Chealey said...

Thank God she is safe. I bet He just loved hearing her voice say His name!
Awesome post Tammy!

sahala napitupulu said...

Happy Easter Tammy.

Warren Baldwin said...

Kristin's speech went well at LTC this weekend - she received a gold (the highest award). She was honored and tickled that you clicked over to read her speech. Thanks.

Lori said...

Hi Tammy,

Wow. I hardly watch the news. I am so glad Sydney was kept safe. Yes, we never know if today will be our last and we must tell God every day that we want to only do things that will bring Him the praise and glory.

A little late, but I hope you and your family had a blessed Easter, and hopefully not too much candy! God bless.

Marsha said...

Praying as you prepare for next week's talk at the University.

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