Monday, May 10, 2010

Changing One Heart for Many...wk17

If you’re visiting for the first time and you don’t know my story (God’s Story), you may want to check it on the left-hand side bar under “My Secret Sin.” I was one of those human beings who needed a heart change. If you have had an abortion, I want you to know you will find no condemnation here, but you will find Truth wrapped in grace and mercy. God has brought you here because He doesn’t want you to hurt and feel ashamed anymore, but what He does want from you is to trust Him with your pain. Will you do that? I hope so. If you need to talk or need prayer, click on ‘profile’ for email.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day, I know for some that it can be difficult. Just a few weeks ago, I had someone say that because of their abortion, Mother's Day is a sad time for her. I totally understand, any loss of a child is difficult.

A lot has been going on; as I'm sure your life is pretty busy too. You would think with all the technology, we'd have a lot of free time (like the Jetsons, now I'm dating myself) but this doesn't seem to be true.

Well, God has brought several women in my life, who I will be meeting with weekly as they go though the abortion recovery bible study. Our ministry Beyond the Choice at the CPC has some plans in the works to get out into the community to make the post abortion issue more visible.  I'm also teaching a women's class at church 'Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl' which has taken off strong. Oh, let me not forgot the most important part of my life...time with God and family.

I've decided that I need to put things in the right order. So, I'll only be posting every two weeks the Changing One Heart for Many. I'm sure you've noticed in the last couple of weeks I've been late, and that has bothered me. When I do God's work, I want to do it well!

May I ask from time to time that you would send up a prayer for me and this ministry? Thank you.

Here's a movie that I pray will get out into the theaters, but as you will read, satan is already on the move. Let's reminder to pray for the will of God to done and for Truth to prevail!

New York, NY ( -- The premier of the movie "Blood Money," which exposes the abortion industry, has been canceled after the theater was threatened by abortion advocates. Roman Jaquez, an independent film maker and artist produced the documentary -- which contains interviews of whistle-blowing former employees of abortion centers. Read the full article here.

President Obama has nominated Elena Kagan to replace Justice Stevens on the Supreme Court.

Matthew 6:10 Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.

Father God,
Life seems to be spinning out of control to all of us, yet NOTHING surprises You. Lord, we know that You are God and we are not, so we come to You seeking Your will to be done. Even when things seem so hopeless, we will speak with our mouths the hope that You have given us through Your son, Jesus Christ. Amen!



Alene said...

How are you friend? Just stopping by to say thank you for all you do for God's kingdom. His will is being done through you. Thanks! love ya

Saint of His said...

Thank you for the update/info. Praying... Thank you for all you do!

Cheryl Barker said...

Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate right now. May God guide as you seek to keep things balanced. Blessings!

Andrea said...

I am praying for you whether you post or not! You have an awesome ministry and I know GOD will touch many lives through you. It is my privilege to be a small part of that by praying!

Edie said...

This is where the voice of Christians needs to be louder than the abortion activists. Calls to the theater requesting the movie should be greater than the calls against it.

Praying for you as you juggle all of your responsibilities.

Thanks for your prayers and your friendship. Love ya!

Karen said...

You do the Lord's work very well, is an honor to pray for you and your ministry....

Sonja said...

Like Andrea said... it is also my joy to pray for you as you minister, Tammy. I will continue to do that daily.



elaine @ peace for the journey said...

A movie we must see... I'll be following the development of it; perhaps it would be available on DVD?

You do an incredible job with these posts, Tammy, and I'm so excited to hear that you're facilitating a few different studies right now! You are planting good kingdom seed; God will grow the harvest. Thanks for shining his light... big!


Jennifer said...

I so understand the need to rest and slow down. Life has been at a whirlwind pace the last couple of weeks and I am feeling the need to pull back a little bit and realign my life. I will be praying for you!! You have done such an amazing job with these posts! Our small group is going through "more than a good bible study girl" and we are just loving it. It is speaking volumes to all of us on different levels.

Blessings to you!!!


Karen said...

I have an award for you on my blog...