Sunday, August 24, 2008

What's your passion?

Over at Edie’s blog Rich Gifts’ she is asking the question “What is your passion or passions?” Well, after a few days I’m ready to give my answer I hope, I’m not too late?

My passion is to live in God’s truth. There was a time in my life I would have run in the opposite direction when I was face to face with God’s truth.

The woman at the well reminds us of how not living in truth can separate us and draw us into a place of loneliness. Everyday she went to the well at a certain time in order to avoid the other women so not to be reminded of the truth. Everyday the hot sun would beat down on her as she would draw the water from the well only to quench her physical thirst. But she had a thirst much deeper within, a thirst only God’s truth satisfies.
Then the day came when she could no longer hide from the life she had been living because as she approached the well she was about to encounter the living Truth. It was God’s truth spoken to her heart that would set her free and gave her the passion to run back to the village leaving her water, the very thing she came for, to tell others of what Jesus had done for her.

The truth of God’s word has set me free but must admit I too, walked down some dust roads in the heat of the afternoon trying to avoid my sin. God has taken the very thing that I was running from and has placed me in a position to help other women find the same freedom. My life has forever been changed!


Chatty Kelly said...

hi Tammy! Just came over from Edie's blog to read your passion. I almost didn't recognize where I was - you changed your layout,
didn't you? Love it.

Loved reading your passion. It was great.

Edie said...

Hi Tammy - Thanks for joining us. Of course it's not too late! :) I enjoyed reading about your passion.
The Truth will set you free!!!

Sue J said...

That is such an amazing truth, but one of those that can paralyze us--as I was trying to say on my blog. We can truly be FREE of so many things if we would just come to know and fully accept the Truth.

I'm so glad that this is your passion, as we all need to come to that realization, I think.

Thanks for visiting me, too!

Stephanie said...

Hi Tammy, thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi!
Beautiful thoughts you shared here...I love the Truth as well. :)

Truth4thejourney said...

You are so right, the truth will set you free! I am glad I stopped by to see what you were passionate about!

Enjoyed being here!

Carmen said...

I was so blessed to hear from you. I'm blessed you found some Holy H2O @ Women of the Word!

Loved this post...

Shalom Aleichem Sister!

bo said...

As always, I admire, and agree with Tammy's way of thinking but I also have to say that this sisterhood of Christian Women Bloggers is so refreshing. I've been noticing so much lately how I'll share my thoughts with someone in an email message or blog and I get no feedback - no reaction - well, I'm sure you can see what I'm trying to say. I tried to convince myself that it was keeping me from becoming prideful but more and more I'm thinking that it's more . . . you reap what you sow. I'm not the social butterfly type like Tammy but I'll give it a shot. Thanks to all of you for showing me the blessing of being part of a community!

Nancy said...

What a refreshing post. Thanks for sharing!

Pat said...

Your heart is so evident in your words and on your blog. Thank you for sharing and for your passion. It is contagious.

Eve said...

I am new to CWO but I love the spirt I feel among you all. My passion is to recaputre that first passion I had the day I got saved. I was floating. I want that back. : )